Real Home Energy Solutions helps owners of existing houses make them healthier, durable, comfortable, and energy efficient.

Climate View Point

Home InSight administers this blog with assistance of other home performance consultants and contractors.  We’re based in Atlanta, GA and San Francisco, CA.  We recognize we live in a mixed-humid environment.  However, we try to be  mindful of all North American climates: SubArctic/Arctic, Very Cold, Cold, Mixed-Humid, Marine, Hot-Humid, Mixed-Dry, and Hot-Dry.  Click here to find out what hydro-thermal zone you live in.

There is no way we can service every house in the United States and Canada.  There are Home Performance professionals near you.  If you live outside our area, we’ll help you find one close to your home.

Existing Houses Only

We chose to focus on existing houses only, though each of us participates in new construction.  In new construction, we assist builders and buyers in getting the house they want as the house is built—when there is maximum flexibility.  However, once the house is built, some irreversible decisions have been made.   Homeowners who seek us out have houses with issues discovered after purchasing it.

Why Blog?

Blogging allows us to connect with people in ways websites can’t very well.  First, we can be brief because we can link to more detailed and complete information.  Second, an open forum for comments is available.  Third, we can be ourselves.  Business websites forget we’re multi-dimensional people.  Fourth, it allows us to experiment with technology.  I’m looking forward to adding audio, video, polls, and a variety of other interesting things.  Most people don’t like to read—including me.  Finally, we can tie our core strengths together.  To improve your house, you need consultants, contractors, building code officials, and gurus.  A blog helps assemble your team.


I’m an engineer who chooses to focus on houses.  There are 6-7 engineering systems in every house that must work together for a house to function.  They include structure, electricity, fuel gas, plumbing, storm water drainage, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and thermodynamics.  Any one of these systems is worthy of a lifetime of study by a passionate experts.

I’m a building scientist functioning as a systems engineer because houses are built every day that violate the 3 core functions of a house the engineering systems work together to support: indoor air quality, moisture control, and heat transfer.

Working as home inspector, stucco analyst, mold inspector, and home performance technical advisor, I’ve helped many people have a better place to live.   So have my companions.

We look forward to helping you live in healthier, safer, longer-lasting, comfortable, and energy-efficient house.

Welcome aboard!


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