Welcome to Real Home Energy Solutions, where we work together with you to make your existing house more healthy, longer-lasting, comfortable and energy efficient!

Comments are welcome here.  They’re the life blood of this community.  Most expected  comments and questions are tolerated and encouraged.

Expect Comments of This Sort to be Edited

However, all comments are moderated for the benefit of everyone and to keep the conversation going.  We’re on the lookout for the following conversation killers

Politics: There are other blogs for this

We’re here to help you fix your house.  Acts in Congress and social environmental activism have their place, just not here.  Please participate in and encourage the formation of public opinion there.

Profanity: The way these words are used most of the time hurt, not help

There are appropriate ways to use most words we use to be profane that aren’t.  We’ll look at the context to make our decision, but expect it to be edited out.

Flaming: Mutual respect is encouraged and needed.

Use anger to change things for the better, not attack people.  We’re all in this together.

Trolling: Baiting people for an argument is crazy

Use debate tactics fairly here, not to anyone’s advantage or disadvantage.  We don’t hold debate contest here.  Please register in your local speech club to sharpen your skills.  May the best person win!

Bullying: Why bother picking on people at their expense?

Fun is only fun when it’s fun for everyone.  If it ain’t fun, we ain’t doin’ it!

Hate Speech: Comments on gender, race, political persuasion, moral corruption, and the like are not expected or necessary for this topic.  Comments made by PC “police” aren’t tolerated at all.

We don’t expect political correctness.  We aren’t and don’t expect you to be either.  Where appropriate though, we’ll rephrase it.  We’ll make hate speech history.

Spam: Overt, unsolicited commercial messages are never tolerated

Word Press blog rules forbid blog owners from soliciting on their blogs.  Business websites are well suited for that purpose—including ours.  Expect spam to be nuked to smithereens!

Scientific Basis

We are Building Scientists.  Refutable comments by sound science will be answered.  However, the comment thread will be kept short.   Honest debate about uncertain science is encouraged.  If it looks like argument is developing, we’ll eliminate the comment all together.

Thanks so much for participating with us!  We look forward to a long on-line relationship with all who visit here.

Sam (“Sherlock Homes”) Young
Home Performance Technical Advisor


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